I believe in the diversity of people and the beauty of their imperfections. That’s why I don’t want my work to look the same! I want to tell your story through images that are true & unique to you. I don’t follow a script and approach every story as an adventure, a valuable experience. 


Like the eyes are the window to the soul, images are a window to you’re memories. I want you to step through that window , travel in time and feel how life was at that moment. 

that is my drive! I really feel this as a serious duty. 

about me


I live near Haarlem with a house full of girls (my girlfriend and two stepdaughters). I’ve met my girlfriend  on a wedding…and no she wasn’t the bride ;) I love family life!!

After years of fiddling with analog camera’s, in 2006 I decided to buy my first digital camera.  Since than, photography is a part of my life.
My passion for photography originates from my youth. As a family, we spend lot’s of time in nature. My brother, from a young age, travelled each year to exotic places on the planet and came back with spectacular photo’s that backed up his crazy adventurous stories. It didn’t take long before I also started travelling accompanied by a camera.

Several jobs, studies, travels and adventures later I landed in Amsterdam. I found out that I love working with people instead of spending 8 hours a day behind a desk. The next 10 years I worked  full time as a social worker assisting children (and parents) in growing better in and outside school. In this work you really learn to “look” at people. I use this in photography.
A few years back I switched to full time photography. 

storytelling photography

Met Sjoerd van spreek ik over “Wat is storytelling in de fotografie?“.


I’m not sure if I have a certain style. I’m not specifically vintage, bohemian, hip, classic or whatever.  I prefer following my instinct instead of trends or scripts. I love photo’s that are natural, emotive, energetic, intimate & creative. 

My job is to tell the bigger story. Not I don’t record every detail but prefer an image that holds atmosphere and the way you felt at that moment.
My style & approach is more documentary. This means I will photograph your day is it unfolds. You won’t see me instructing you and your guests. To make your story truly personal..I will be right next to you at some of the most intimate moments of your life. So you need someone who feels familiar, professional or a fly on the wall sometimes. I do connect to your guests as I want to capture their perspective too.

Off course! Most people feel uncomfortable getting there picture taken. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and forget about the camera. I truly believe in the beauty of happy people! I don’t book couples because I think they look good on camera, enjoying the wedding does that for you! Couples always tell me afterwards that they totally forgot I was there with my camera.

I try to put up a sneak preview on Facebook within a week after the wedding. You will get the rest of your images within 4-6 weeks after the wedding. In the High season when it’s busier, it can take up to 8 weeks before all images are selected and edited.

Most weddings I photograph alone. At big weddings it’s possible to
take a second shooter with me. Contact me for more info on this.

I always work with 2 full frame canon camera’s. Every camera holds 2 memory cards. So always a backup. For every (light) situation I have a lens. Your photo’s are always secure!