ruben & marcella

france. august. 2017

We met in Curacao..

We both did a traineeship in Curacao. It was Ruben’s first friday night on the island. We both stayed in a different student home and went with both groups to Zanta Beach, the place to be on the friday night. We saw each other for the first time there and instantly clicked. We became close friends first. 

Only a few months later, when we met again in Amsterdam, we fell madly in love.



Rennepont is a village on the border of the department of Haute-Marne and de l’Aube in Champagne. Among the gentle hills, vast forests, interspersed with well-known vineyards, runs the river Renne. Right here, in Rennepont, the Renne enters the Aujon river.


The drinks where waiting. Stomachs had to be filled. So let’s feast and get ready for the party.