paul & anisa

st.martin. december. 2016

" We were drifting and waiting for something to change in our lives before we met each other.. "

Our paths crossed for the first time at a BBQ in Sint Maarten.  Anisa was on holiday visiting a mutual friend and Paul was living on the island. He had just returned to the St. Martin after a three month trip to Central America. 

Because our history here, the island vibe, the Caribbean sun we feel so connected to the island. We wanted to share this connection with our close friends and family. 

Day 1

We started out at one of the hidden treasures of the island. ..’Le Belle Creole’. A abandoned resort that got destroyed during a hurricane in 1995. Once one of the most  unique and lavish hotels of the island. Now overgrown by tropical forest.


We went to the dutch side of the island where the one of the beaches is lined with beautiful rock formations and caves.

Wedding day!

Wedding day…back at the villa.


I haven’t been nervous like this in a long time. Everyone is here! I’m here with Paul! It’s time..


Anisa: What I love about Paul are his beautiful eyes and that he makes me see things in a different light.

Paul: What I love about Anisa is that she is so beautiful, kind and caring towards me and others.

the sun sets, the wind lies down ...drinks are served

day 3

After a few hours sleep, we took a catamaran around the island. On board, stories from the day before were shared. Laughter! We spend the day with everyone we love. Enjoyed paradise together one more day.

" we wanted to Enjoy the island with everyone, one more day. "

Simson Bay
" 9 months later disaster struck. Hurricane irma destroyed the majority of the island.

May there be a full recovery! "

Thank you Paul & Anisa for taking me on your incredible adventure!