Chris & caro

Dutch coast. august. 2017

" We want to have kids and travel the world as a family. "

We first met in University in 2007. We both wanted to be teachers because we love kids. Before that Caro spend a year backpacking in Australia while Chris was doing community service.
What we are looking forward to the most after getting married?
A long honeymoon without any planning :-)
And maybe mostly a future as a family. We see ourselves travelling the world with out two future kids and enjoy the adventure called life. But first we are going to get married on the beach and celebrate with our friends & family. 
the start


I was so nervous. This moment has passed through my mind many times, seeing Caro walking down the beach with her dad.






Was this even real??

" Our intentions are to never take anything for granted, try new things once in a while, laugh a lot, travel, keep communicating even when things become tough & not take life too serious. "

We were getting drunk of all the gin. We were running on the beach barefoot. Everything was so easy going! 

Than I realised we had to do our wedding dance! I forgot all we had practised, but it was just perfect!

chris :
What I love about Caro is her thirst for adventure, her craziness, spontaneity and sense of humour. She is so easy love!
caro :

What I love about Chris is his optimism. He makes me laugh, loves me even when I don't love myself. I can be who I am. I feel home where he is & we can Talk about everything.


The beginning..